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 Stored MiG-21s at Bacau

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Ian Glover
Airport Level
Airport Level

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Localizare : Manchester England
Data de inscriere : 07/03/2015

MesajSubiect: Stored MiG-21s at Bacau   Sam 07 Mar 2015, 11:27

Dear all,

Hello from Manchester, England. I am a new member and am in need of some assistance please.

Last Sunday (1st March) I passed Bacau on the way to Bucharest from Chisinau. The weather was very poor and I could not identify the 16 MiG21s which are stored at Bacau. Could somebody please advise the serial numbers for these? Please note I am referring to the MiG21s which are parked next to the Aerostar hanger AND NOT the 13 MiG21s which are parked at the southern end of the airfield close to the end of the runway it was too foggy to even see these).

I also saw six IAR330s parked next to the 16 MiG21s. As I understand it there are only six Puma's based at Bacau. If somebody could also confirm the serial numbers for these too I would appreciate it.

I really appreciate any help that you can provide.

Manchester, England
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Stored MiG-21s at Bacau
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