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 Un avion Air France - RTO pe taxiway [engleza]

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Flight Level 400

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MesajSubiect: Un avion Air France - RTO pe taxiway [engleza]   Vin 19 Oct 2012, 09:15

Titlu: Incident: Air France A319 at Sofia on Oct 16th 2012, rejected takeoff from taxiway
Autor: Simon Hradecky
Data: 18.10.2012

Citat :
An Air France Airbus A319-100, registration F-GRHU performing flight AF-1587 from Sofia (Bulgaria) to Paris Charles de Gaulle (France), was taxiing for departure from runway 09, when the aircraft was cleared for takeoff from runway 09 at 06:56L (03:56Z). The aircraft however turned onto taxiway H and began takeoff from the taxiway about a minute later, when tower, quite agitated, instructed "Air France 1587, stop immediately! Stop immediately, Air France 1587! This is taxiway Hotel!" The crew rejected takeoff at low speed (recorded ground speed about 20 knots) and turned right onto taxiway C about 700 meters/2300 feet down taxiway H and returned to the holding point runway 09 taking off the runway about 20 minutes after the reject attempt to depart the taxiway. The aircraft reached Paris safely with a delay of about 10 minutes.
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Un avion Air France - RTO pe taxiway [engleza]
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