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 Jungmeister YR-AHM

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Steve Darke
Flight Level 300
Flight Level 300

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MesajSubiect: Jungmeister YR-AHM   Mar 05 Iul 2011, 10:29

This Jungmeister was displayed at ‘Prof Eng Leonida’ Technical Museum, Parcul Libertatii, Bucharest in 1975 (and probably from long before that).

Where is it now?

I have seen reports that YR-AHM was ex YR-BDG (and therefore earlier SP-BDG). However, YR-AHM was c/n 1032, whilst YR-BDG was c/n 1030, so I do not think they were the same aircraft.

Steve Darke
Sus In jos
Airport Level
Airport Level

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MesajSubiect: Re: Jungmeister YR-AHM   Mar 05 Iul 2011, 13:49

That Jungmaster was destroyed back in 80th by the collapse of the roof in the old Museum"s building. Maybe there are still some remains pieces -like the engine- underground the museum.

Sus In jos
Jungmeister YR-AHM
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