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 Boeing Breaks Ground At North Charleston [EN]

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MesajSubiect: Boeing Breaks Ground At North Charleston [EN]   Dum 22 Noi 2009, 13:22

Titlu: Boeing Breaks Ground At North Charleston[EN]
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Data: 20.11.2009

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The second 787 line will comprise six buildings including a final assembly building covering 610,000 sq. ft.

Ground was broken today in North Charleston, S.C., on Boeing's new 787 second assembly line, which will comprise six buildings including a 610,000-square-foot final assembly building.

Charleston will initially produce the standard 787-8, but Marco Cavazonni, VP and general manager of final assembly and delivery, Boeing Charleston, would not speak to the possibility of future production of the stretched -9, the short-range -3, the double stretched -10 or any other aircraft here. Another Boeing official clarified this by saying, "We will have the capability in Charleston to produce both 787-8s and 787-9s, but we will start out with producing just 787-8s."

The first Charleston-built 787 will fly in the second quarter of 2012, perhaps June or July, and flight tests for Charleston-built 787s will be conducted in Charleston.

Production tooling will arrive once the building has been finished in first quarter 2011.

The assembly bay will itself be 460,000 square feet. Other buildings will include the Delivery Center (35,000 sq. ft.), Administration Building (36,894 sq. ft.), Fin & Rudder Shop (11,550 sq. ft.), Equipment Shop (19,650 sq. ft.) and Central Utilities Building and Site Utilities (36,252 sq. ft.). In comparison, the current buildings for Boeing Charleston (formerly Vought Aircraft Industries) and Global Aeronautica average 340,000 square feet.

Boeing does not discuss pay in specific numbers, but Timothy Coyle, VP, Charleston site, said $14 per hour for starting workers was in the ballpark. Starting machinists in Puget Sound make $15 per hour, according to their union. The average wage last year was $26.27 per hour, but it reflects 20 years of service.

Some experienced Boeing 787 workers will move from Washington to S.C. "We will absolutely need some help with more of the technical side, to help with the skills and the learning curve," he said.

South Carolina lawmakers are saying the new plant will create 3,800 jobs. There will be 1,000 manufacturing or "touch-labor" jobs, and several thousand technical, support and management jobs, Boeing confirmed.

On the subject of training, Coyle, said, "We have a great relationship with the state and Trident Community College. They are already doing our training for us." Training takes place both at the Boeing Charleston site and at Trident Community College and takes four months. Backing out of the mid-2011 production start date, the majority of hiring will begin late in 2010.

The stated goal for production in Charleston is three 787s per month by 2013, bringing total production at the two facilities to 10 per month. Cavazonni would not speculate on a potentially higher rate in Charleston, saying they would prefer to focus on making three quality planes per month.

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Boeing Breaks Ground At North Charleston [EN]
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