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 From the New to the Old Europe (SOF-VAR-BRU-BBU/OTP-SOF)

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MesajSubiect: From the New to the Old Europe (SOF-VAR-BRU-BBU/OTP-SOF)   Sam 30 Mai 2009, 19:36

Hi again.
I'm resizing my photos in photobucket now, so they'll be 800x600 very soon...
I didn't found a better title for this trip between Bulgaria and Rumania and the European capital Brussels.

Do you want a variety of flights. You have it : the first Bulgarian domestic low cost link, a charter filght by Jetairfly, a flight with the Rumanian low cost Blue air and the business class of Bulgaria air at the end...

The Wizz flight landed 30 min earlier... I finished my work at 10:00. And I had many many time to spend in Varna. The "sea-capital" of Bulgaria looks really like a European city (better than Sofia or Bucarest)...
I was very happy to see that the Bulgarian NDSV (liberal party) has a presentation of its European team (leaded by EU commisar Kuneva)...

The begining was very early (4 in the morning)... Than a 1 hour trip on E79 to Sofia airport.

Terminal 1 (the old one) now used by LCC and charters :

I liked very much the smiling personnal of Swissport, the handling agent of Wizz air...
Wizz air flight to Rome, the our one and a charter to Bodrum are the only flights here.

Wizz air departed to Rome, I missed the next aircraft of Lufthansa... Embarassed

Till waiting, one Bae has landed from Varna... Balance must be OK. Very Happy

Flight 90% full. The early morning flight is not a problem for Wizz passengers... Smile

Two Bae operated by Hemus air for Bulgaria air regional flights.


Inflight :

Varna , All White airways (the new joke-name of Bulgaria air due to its white aircrafts) waiting its flight to Helsinki :

Varna :

The beach Smile

My Euro-parliament elections choice Smile

After there is a night flight to Brussels, the only things I remember are boarding and landing Very Happy

Some pictures from Varna :

Here I can see a white (AWA - All White airways) Boeing 737 and one Bulgarian air charter Mad Dog Smile

Jetairfly to Brussels : Boarding NOW Very Happy

Malev : just arrived from BUD :

Landed at Brussels, a "brother" Boeing next to us :

Here is hot traffic...

I took some pictures and I run to my hotel room to take a shower and sleep 2-3 hours...

One British :

Self Check-in ( still absent at OTP and SOF Sad )

Bulgaria air ticket desk :

My hotel some 3 hours later :

I finished my work very in stile "fast and furious" Very Happy Now I make a visit of the Terminal. Before check in for my Blue air flight.

The cargo terminal Extension?

Some aircrafts over there...

I missed a white 320 (probably All White flight to Sofia). But it was time for check in :

You can see more photos from Brussels here :

Second part :
My Varna-Brussels flight was 100% full, the Brussels-Baneasa flight at 2/3...
Blue air is a good airline triying to find its place between MOL hard low-cost model and the middle cost Air Berlin way of travel...

Landing Baneasa. I have a question : Who decides that that can be an airport and worst an International Airport. I had the impression to be somewhere in the heart of the African desert...

Here some photos :

Bucarest is a pretty nice town, but a little bit surcharged.

It's time to go to Otopeni.
We passed near Baneasa, a Wizz over there :

I arrive at Otopeni early to finish my work...

Domestic Terminal : not very fun Very Happy Tarom and Tarom...

We can see much more colours at International Flights :

And if Baneasa is the worst airport I ever saw, the Otopeni is one of the Best...

There is free WiFi and Billa Smile

Check in opens on time. I check in and I go to the Business Lounge :

Before I make a tour of the Boarding area :

The Business Lounge :

Boarding on time :

Almost everyone (not me) is surprised to see this ATR with belleair.аl titles.

A CRJ900 of Lufthansa, one Turkish and a new aircraft for AWA?

320 of Hellas Jet flying for Olympic with 20 passengers

Tarom's ATR

Business Class catering.

Shampaign for welcome, coffea and juice some times and a bottle of wine for Good Bye for a 40 min flight. Very good.

I liked very much the ATR for regional flights...

Landing Sofia :

That's it. I hope you like it...
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MesajSubiect: Re: From the New to the Old Europe (SOF-VAR-BRU-BBU/OTP-SOF)   Dum 31 Mai 2009, 00:30

Very nice pictures easyland. Congratulations!!!!! I'm looking forward to many more photos from you
Sus In jos
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Flight Level 100

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MesajSubiect: Re: From the New to the Old Europe (SOF-VAR-BRU-BBU/OTP-SOF)   Dum 31 Mai 2009, 00:40

Great Report!!

I like the photos that you took in otopeni airport. The Business Lounge looks really nice.

Keep up the great work!
Sus In jos
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MesajSubiect: Re: From the New to the Old Europe (SOF-VAR-BRU-BBU/OTP-SOF)   

Sus In jos
From the New to the Old Europe (SOF-VAR-BRU-BBU/OTP-SOF)
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