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 Avion militar prabusit in Indonezia

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MesajSubiect: Avion militar prabusit in Indonezia   Mier 20 Mai 2009, 09:00

Un avion militar s-a prabusit in Indonezia. Cel putin 78 de morti

Autor: Carla Dinu
Data: 20 mai 2009

Citat :
Cel putin 78 de militari si membrii familiilor acestora au murit, miercuri dimineata, dupa ce un avion pentru transportul trupelor s-a prabusit pe insula indoneziana Java, transmit agentiile internationale de presa.

In avion erau 112 persoane. Aparatul de tip Hercules al armatei aeriene plecase din Jakarta si avea la bord inclusiv 10 copii.

In momentul accidentului se pregatea de aterizare pentru o escala la o baza militara, a spus purtatorul de cuvant al armatei.

Avionul a lovit mai multe case inainte de a se prabusi intr-o plantatie de orez. La sol, avionul a izbucnit in flacari aproape instantaneu.

Acest tip de aparat este des utilizat in lume pentru transportul trupelor si al materialelor pe distante scurte.

Cauzele catastrofei aviatice sunt deocamdata necunoscute.
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MesajSubiect: Re: Avion militar prabusit in Indonezia   Mier 20 Mai 2009, 09:21

Mai multe detali aici:

Autor: Reuters
Data: 20.05.2009

Citat :
Indonesian Plane With Over 100 On Board Crashes

An Indonesian military transport plane carrying 13 crew and about 96 passengers has crashed in East Java, bursting into flames and killing at least two persons on the ground, officials said on Wednesday.
The number of casualties on the plane was unclear, said air force spokesman Bambang Soelistyo, but a local official said the Hercules aircraft was badly damaged and had hit several houses on the ground.
"About 15 metres (50 ft) of the tail is still intact, but the body to the front is broken and burned," said Suwardi, a sub-district head, in the district of Karas in Magetan.
"Earlier we heard blasts. But not anymore, now the plane is still on fire," added the official, who said air force personnel were trying to evacuate victims but the site was difficult to reach because it was on the fringe of a rice field.
"I think there are still more people inside," he said, adding the plane had crashed at about 6:30 am (2330 GMT) around 5-7 km (3-4 miles) from the Iswahyudi air force base.
Footage on Metro TV showed debris scattered on the ground and black smoke rising, with the tail of the plane upside down.
People could be seen desperately trying to extinguish flames with buckets of water.
A doctor in a hospital close to the crash site said some injured people were being treated.
"We are treating four people, with brain concussion and bone fractures," Restu Kurnia Cahyani of the Dr. Soedono hospital in Madiun said.
A police officer near the site also said the number of casualties was unclear.
"It's clear there are victims but we don't know how many," said Warsono, a police officer near the site.
The location of the crash is near the border of the districts of Madiun and Magetan in East Java, about 150 km southwest of Indonesia's second-biggest city of Surabaya.
Air force spokesman Soelistyo said the plane had been flying from Jakarta to the eastern part of Java island.
Indonesia has a poor record of air safety and maintenance and has suffered a string of accidents in recent years affecting both commercial and military aircraft.
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Avion militar prabusit in Indonezia
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